02 Apr

#4 Swordfish

By captainIan

swordfish tuna

Well the weekend turned out to be pretty good. I had the crew from River Lands Insurance down Thursday afternoon to do an overnighter. They wanted tuna but I convinced them to make a few drifts for swordfish before going to the canyon. The bad news is we never made it to the canyon. The good news is it was because we had a swordfish that wouldn’t fit in the box. When we got the fish aboard the boat we didn’t know how big the fish was, but agreed it could be a top 10 fish. After a little disscusion we opted to pass on the tuna and get the fish weighed. The fish ended up going 251 lbs. and if accepted will go #4 in the state.    Saturday I was able to make it to the canyon. We were done tuna fishing by 10am with 11 yellowfin. Afterwards we headed north for some amberjack and grouper.   The fishing is great right now and the weather actually cooperating for this time of year. I’ve got Saturday open if anyone wants to catch some fish.
Ian McGowan 225-803-6701 apexfishing@aol.com www.apexfishingcharters.net
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27 Mar

Tuna Fishing

By captainIan

tuna fishing

It feels like summer came early this year. Light winds and flat seas have allowed us to run a little bit. Saturday we pulled hooks on some nice fish but still ended the day wtih 5 yellowfin. I was off Sunday but made it out Monday. Maonday we had 9 yellowfin and 2 nice cow dolphin. We had the bull dolphin at the boat at least 15 times through out the day but he wasn’t interested in eating. The weather’s been good and the fishings been great. It should be a good year if you want to come catch some fish.
Ian McGowan 225-803-6701 apexfishing@aol.com www.apexfishingcharters.net
18 Mar

March 2012

By captainIan

Mrach tunaMarch fishing

I’ve fallen behind on my reports the past couple weeks but we’ve been doing well on all of our trips. The yellowfin have been very consistent on the shelf. The short runs have been nice. The wahoo fishing has been a little slow. We’re still cathing a couple but not like it was a few weeks ago. There has also been tons of big blackfin around to fill the box. I think we’ve gotten a warsaw on almost every trip along with a few yellowedge grouper. And of course a limit of amberjack is as easy as it gets. If the first quater is any indication of the future fishing it’s going to be a great year. One of my customers got a few clips from his trip and was able to put a video together that I’ll try to attatch. Give me a buzz if you want to catch some fish. It looks like it may be shorts and flip flops from hear on out.
Capt. Ian McGowan 225-803-6701 apexfishing@aol.com www.apexfishingcharters.net
03 Mar

March 1st

By captainIan

Thursday’s Trip

Snuck out again thursday between the weather. It ended up being a pretty nice day on the water. However the fog was about as bad as it gets. It took us an extra hour and a half to get in. The fishing was pretty good final tally, 4 yellowfin 2 blackfin, a limit of amberjack, and a warsaw. We put in an effort for wahoo and pulled the hooks on the only bite. I’ll be back at it Monday if the weather holds out.
Ian McGowan 225-803-6701 apexfishing@aol.com www.apexfishingcharters.net
23 Feb


By captainIan


We were able to make it out Monday night to do a some swordfishing. In the process of putting out our fist bait we got bit instantly. The fish came straight to the surface and made a few jumps so we new it was a swordfish. When we got him to the boat he looked marginal on size so we I told the gaff man to hold off until we got a better look. The hook ended up pulling out in the leadering process 2 feet from the boat. No big deal seeing as how we’d only been there for 10 min. Made a couple of more drifts yeilding big hammerheads and then we got a short zip on the clicker. When I jumped up to figure out which reel it was I noticed the light right under the boat. I could see the fish, a good sword. Once he realized he was hooked the fight was on. 30-40 min later we sunk the gaff in a solid swordfish.    Once the sun came up we eased north stopping on the way to grab a grouper, some amberjack and a couple of wahoo.    The wahoo fishing is pretty consistent right now and the fishing over all is godd. You’ve got to take advatage of the breaks in the weather if you want to catch fish this time of year.
Ian McGowan 225-803-6701 apexfishing@aol.com www.apexfishingcharters.net
10 Feb

Feb 7th

By captainIan

Tuesday we got another break in the weather and where able to sneak out and do a little fishing. Wahoo was the targeted species. We decided we would do nothing but troll all day and it paid off. We went 6 for 11 on big wahoo. We also caught 4 blackfin and 3 amberjack on the troll. The fish are there you’ve just got to be able to go when the weather breaks. Fishing’s only going to get better.

Ian McGowan

04 Feb

Feb 2nd Wahoo

By captainIan

We got slip out and do a little wahoo fishing this week. Unfortunatly we got a late start due to the crew’s bowfishing expedition the night before. However when we did finally make it out to the fishing grounds we ended up going 4 for 6 on big wahoo up to 60#’s. Afterwards we added a limit of Amberjack and took it to the barn. We water looked great and we marked lots of fish. The fishing should be great when the weather allows us to get out.

30 Jan

Jan. 29th

By captainIan

We slipped out yesterday between fronts and where able to land a few fish. Final tally was 3 yellowfin, 20+ blackfin 4 amberjack and a warsaw. The yellowfin were small and mixed in with the blackfin, all the amberjack were caught on the troll and we only had to sift through about a half dozen red snapper to get our warsaw. Swap out some blackfin for some wahoo and this is the kind of catch you can expect for the next couple of months. Sorry no pics, the nats where so bad when we got to the dock the camera was the last thing on my mind. Give me a call if you want to catch some fish.

08 Jan

2011 Fall Recap

By captainIan

Well we ended 2011 on a great note! We landed lots of 150# plus yellowfin including my largest to date at 215#’s. I also had the oppurtunity to land my personal best yellowfin @ 189#’s, thanks to some good buddies who didn’t mind letting me reel one of there fish in. The grouper fishing was nothing short of phenominal either. We where able to boat 3 warsaw over the 100# mark, a good bit of 30-60 pound warsaw, and lots of gags and scamp to round it all out. There also seemed to be quite a few dolphin and triple tail that stuck it out for the ladder months of 2011.
Now that 2012 is here we will be getting ready to start putting fish in the boat. I anticipate wahoo, amberjack, blackfin and a few yellowfin (when we can make the run) will be on the menu for the first few months of 2012. Once April and May get here I’m sure cobia will be joining them. And I expect by June it will be an all out explosion of anything you want including red snapper, mangrove, cobia, mahi, yellowfin, triple tail, wahoo, grouper, etc. Starting in May the weather should be consistent enough to stay on top of the yellowfin for the rest of the year. We will also be looking forward to breaking 215#s when fall rolls around.
Give us a call if you want to kick off 2012 with some offshore fishing!

22 Sep

Fall Fishing in Full Swing

By captainIan

Fall has kcked off with some big fish and short runs. In the past week we’ve brought back several huge grouper from 80-125#s and several big tuna with the largest going 195#( the second largest I’ve ever put on my boat). Add in several cobia, amberjack and all the blackfin you can handle and it’s easy to see why fall is my favorite time of year to fish. The wahoo will start showing up with the clean water, we had 4 nice ones the other day. Check out the pics in the photo gallery I’ll be updating them today.