02 Apr

#4 Swordfish

By captainIan

swordfish tuna

Well the weekend turned out to be pretty good. I had the crew from River Lands Insurance down Thursday afternoon to do an overnighter. They wanted tuna but I convinced them to make a few drifts for swordfish before going to the canyon. The bad news is we never made it to the canyon. The good news is it was because we had a swordfish that wouldn’t fit in the box. When we got the fish aboard the boat we didn’t know how big the fish was, but agreed it could be a top 10 fish. After a little disscusion we opted to pass on the tuna and get the fish weighed. The fish ended up going 251 lbs. and if accepted will go #4 in the state.    Saturday I was able to make it to the canyon. We were done tuna fishing by 10am with 11 yellowfin. Afterwards we headed north for some amberjack and grouper.   The fishing is great right now and the weather actually cooperating for this time of year. I’ve got Saturday open if anyone wants to catch some fish.
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