23 Feb


By captainIan


We were able to make it out Monday night to do a some swordfishing. In the process of putting out our fist bait we got bit instantly. The fish came straight to the surface and made a few jumps so we new it was a swordfish. When we got him to the boat he looked marginal on size so we I told the gaff man to hold off until we got a better look. The hook ended up pulling out in the leadering process 2 feet from the boat. No big deal seeing as how we’d only been there for 10 min. Made a couple of more drifts yeilding big hammerheads and then we got a short zip on the clicker. When I jumped up to figure out which reel it was I noticed the light right under the boat. I could see the fish, a good sword. Once he realized he was hooked the fight was on. 30-40 min later we sunk the gaff in a solid swordfish.    Once the sun came up we eased north stopping on the way to grab a grouper, some amberjack and a couple of wahoo.    The wahoo fishing is pretty consistent right now and the fishing over all is godd. You’ve got to take advatage of the breaks in the weather if you want to catch fish this time of year.
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