21 Jul

July 17th-20th

By captainIan

Sunday we headed out to do some snapper fishing. When we pulled up to a wreck we were greeted by a 2 knot current, however we were still able to get our limit fairly quick. The rest of the day we rode all over the place trying to get out of the current, which made snapper fishing very difficult. Thank god the next three days where tuna trips.
Monday I woke up to a storm filled radar. After talking to the customers we decided we would try to beat the rain offshore. Just as we cleared to rocks the storms surounded us, we quicly retreated t the marina. After waiting about an hour for the weather to retreat we decided to reschedule.
Tuesday we ran to a platform where I had done well the week before. The fish where blowing up everywhere, only one problem, we hadn’t found any live bait. I made a short run, loaded the live well and headed back to the fish. That did the trick as we where able to catch our yellows. We also got to see a big marlin crash baits about 15 yards of our stern. It just goes to show that patience and persistence pays off.
Wednesday we headed straight for the bait. We caught a few livies and peeled of the structure to deploy the baits. First bait out, Bam! Fish on! Second bait same thing. Now we had two fish on, then the line parts on the first fish. No problem, sliped a third bait out and it was instantly sucked out of my hands. Now we’re back to two fish on. As we fought these fish all the other boats showed up. We spent the rest of the day picking off our fish and watching them crash baits all around us. Final tally 6 yellowfin and 1 dolphin.
I would post pictures but my camera was stolen and I havn’t had time to replace it. I should be back on track after this weekend.