28 Jun

Spring Trips Summary

By captainIan

I said I would never do it but I’m guilty. I haven’t posted in three months. I was busy for a portion of it but I guess that’s no excuse. April was a tough month due to the relentless winds. Most of my trips where pushed to May. The few trips I did get off resulted in limits of amberjack and a handfull of wahoo as the norm. We did have a couple of grouper caught here and there. Almost all fish, except the grouper where caught trolling, shich made for some exciting trips. Wahoo are always a thrill to catch on the troll but you do have to credit to the amberjacks as well. When a 60# amberjack hits a trolled ballyhoo it makes a 50w sound like it’s going to break. Luckily shimano makes some pretty solid reels.
May was a little better weather wise but the winds still wouldn’t back off. I got a few more trips off and was rewarded with some phenominal tuna fishing. When I could make the run to green canyon everyone was rewarded with hungry tuna. Live bait was pretty much non exsistant but it didn’t matter, throw out a hanful of chum and the fish would come right up to the boat. On the rough days we would do the amberjack/wahoo troll and throw in a few trigerfish and mangroves to pad the box.
June rolled around and it was like mother nature flipped a switch. The winds disapeared and the flat seas showed up and so did the heat. June 1st snapper season opened so we started targeting red snapper, mangrove snapper, triggerfish, and cobia. All of which yeilded very succesful catches. A limit of red snapper, limit and near limit of mangrove snapper, 4 or 5 cobia and a pile of triggerfish filled the fish boxes regularly. I did tuna fish a handful of times however it started out strong then came to a complete stop and has remained very slow for the past week or so. Everything changes daily so the tuna fishing could be back on any day. In the meantime will continue rig fishing. I have had quite a few 22-26# red snapper and my largest going 32#s this past weekend. I have quite a few pictures that I will upload tonight.