02 Feb

January 29th

By captainIan

We were able to take advantage of the great weather this past saturday with the Hansen crew form Kansas City. We started out on the shelf jigging, with plenty of action. After boating a couple of fish we started pulling in 1/2 fish. After we reeled in the second amberjack head a 300# Mako(estimated)popped up at the boat. While Sarah fought to get her half eaten fish in the boat I rifled through the console for the designated Mako leader. I was able to secure the leader to one of my 50’s and pitch the baited hook right to the waiting shark. The bait was eaten immidieatly. The reel was kept in free spool for a good 30 secinds to ensure a good hook set. Once we thought the shark had enough time to finish his meal the lever drag was pushed to strike. Line instantly started peeling out, this time with lots of drag. This lasted for about two minutes before the line started coming in too easy. Sure enough a hook came up with no Mako attatched. The hook never caught flesh, the fish had just been holding on this entire time. It’s amazing how storng these sharks are. He popped up right behind the boat, attacked the motor mounts and slipped away never to be seen again. Probably all for the best, with no flying gaff or gun onboard I would have had a hard time getting him in the boat. We finished the day with some Grouper and stud amberjack. We did cover some ground trolling for wahoo only to triple and qaudruple on amberjack. I’m waitng for the video from one of the customers and will post it as soon as I get it. I’ll be back at it when the weather breaks.

Capt. Ian McGowan